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We live in a world that always preaches, “Do your thing your way for your gain.” I am guilty of taking the bait without counting the cost of the hook!

The bait of instant gratification, success, pleasure and recognition appeal to our flesh and convinces us that this is true freedom. It’s not until we are weary, empty, restless and lost that we begin to see the hook and price of the bait we took, which is often our very soul.

Proverbs 16:25 reminds us that “There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way to death.”

Choosing God’s way is ultimately choosing life. In order to walk in it, we must know it. To know it, we must know Him. To know Him is to know His Word. Only God can teach us His way.

What does this have to do with your wellness? Everything.

We are often tempted to do things either:

  • Our way for our gain

  • Our way for God's glory

  • God's way for our gain

Any of those resonate? For me, it was often my way for His glory. I did a lot of things for God but not with Him and it turned into quite the mess (spiritually, physically and mentally).

This is what led me to start this book project of Wellness HIS Way. We are created to do all things with God, His way and for His glory. This is the path of peace, freedom and joy; Where we can delight more in Him and glorify Him! Wellness only gets complicated when we try to do it our way or we place our identity in it (more on that in the book!)

To put it plainly: Health and wellness only gets complicated when we try to do it our way and when we place our identity in it. The fitness industry is a messy and dark place. If our fitness journey is not surrendered to the Lord, it can quickly go from Christ-centered to self-centered if our foundation and gaze is not on Christ. 

When Jesus has yet to rule an area of our life, the Holy Spirit will reveal it to renew our mind and show us His way. We must be willing to cooperate in this transformation because, ultimately, we can’t serve two masters. We will either be loyal to honoring the Lord with our bodies or loyal to honoring our flesh, desires, cravings and preferences.

If health is an area where Christ is not the foundation, my hope is that this upcoming book leads you to a place of joy-filled surrender as you make Him the center and use wellness as another vehicle to magnify Him and be made more like Him!

  • Your wellness journey is another area of your life where you get to depend on God.

  • Your wellness journey is another area where you get to practice trusting God with all of your heart.

  • Your wellness journey is another area where you get to practice contentment in Christ in all circumstances. 

  • Your wellness journey is another area where you get to focus more on His glory than your gain.

  • Your wellness journey is another area where you get to partner with the Holy Spirit and ask Him to make you more like Jesus through it.

Are you willing to release the world’s way of counterfeit peace, counterfeit joy, counterfeit love, counterfeit truth, and follow The Way, The Truth, and The Life? (John 14:6.)

You can trust Him. You can trust His way. You can trust that He will guide and counsel you as you learn to take care of your health.

As you take steps to care for your health, may it be done with God, not just for Him, and with a humble heart that says, “Teach me Your way, O Lord” (Psalm 86:11, emphasis added).

Then His call to you is simple: “Follow Me.”


Father, You are the way, the truth, and the life! Forgive me for the times I choose my way over Yours. Forgive me for only making You an addition to my life, rather than the foundation of it.  Help me to follow Your ways and Your plans as You have laid them before me. Give me wisdom to heed Your Word for Your glory, my good, and the good of others. As I begin taking care of this body You made and gave me, may I rely on You to show me how. Teach me Your way, O Lord. I love you! Amen.

More to come in my Wellness HIS Way Book--coming soon! Chapter title examples:

  • His way > My way

  • Stewardship > Ownership

  • Creator > Creation

  • Obedience > Outcome

  • With God > For God

  • Holiness > Freedom

  • Honor Your Body > Accept Your Body

  • Beliefs > Behavior

...Just to name a few! It has been such a humbling and beautiful journey to partner with God in this project and I can't wait for it to be available to you!

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