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Hey friends! Caren here. Welcome to my new and revamped blog! I am a doctor wife, mama, former licensed social worker and a wellness HIS way coach. I love to equip and teach women how to steward their bodies for the glory of God and the good of others by connecting them to real and sustainable fitness resources and most importantly, teaching them how to walk with God and deepen their relationship with Him. After all, you can't do anything HIS way without....Him! After compartmentalizing my walk with God and experiencing the bondage that comes from that, I am now committed to encouraging other women to learn how to walk with God in EVERY part of their life because you can NOT compartmentalize the Holy Spirit! Walking with Him in the mission of the gospel, marriage, parenting, health and career are areas you will see me share here a lot. I truly believe God created everything and owns everything. Therefore, all I am and have belongs to Him and I want to steward it for HIS glory.

I started this blog again because I desired a space without word count limit to share with you what I am learning in my personal walk with the Lord. I used to think deep and intimate friendship with God was just for people like Moses and Abraham. But the Lord helped me see that His Word (the Bible) isn't full of exceptions but examples. So why not me? And why not you? That's what these posts will be all about. How to talk to Him, learn His voice, and walk with Him.

A final note! I encourage you to test everything I write/say through the lens of Scripture. I cannot claim these posts to be WHOLE truth because only God's direct Word is Whole Truth. So open your Bible with me and let's learn to walk with God.

I pray you are encouraged here!

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