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Start With God (...& Crush That Snooze Button)

The snooze button.

We know it. We've pushed it. We hate to love it.

Especially when Fall time hits and it's darker outside, the warmth of your bed is just too cozy to say no to.

It's interesting how in some seasons of my life, I am so disciplined with my alarm. The moment I hear it, I jump out of bed and get going. And then there are times where all that discipline just disappears. Okay it doesn't disappear overnight. Really, it starts with one snooze one day. The next day I do it again. By the third day I am now snoozing at least four times and lost 40 minutes I could have had un-rushed.

On my Instagram stories this week, I gave a few tips that have been helping me conquer the snooze button. What's so important though, before the tips, is to get to the why.

We hear this a lot: "Know your why."

But it's true! When I stepped back and asked myself why it was important that I wake up and not snooze it was because:

  • I wanted more time in the Word of God so I could linger, pray and even journal all before my son woke up (and he's on a 6am kick right now, hence the snoozing!)

  • Starting slow and starting with God prepares my heart and mind for whatever the day may bring.

  • Anchoring myself in the truth helps me resist and stand firm against the lies, the noise of the world, and the enemies schemes.

Every time we say yes to something we say no to something else. So when I wrote down those "whys," I realized that ever time I said yes to snoozing I was saying no to that list above. Makes you think twice, right?

Let's go to Scripture!


“Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed” (Mark 1:35).

Two things stand out to me.

First, Jesus got up.

It's simple but it made me pause. When the Father called Him, He obeyed. He got up. How many times have I missed an encounter with God simply because I would not get up? I could get up. I just chose not to.

I know I am guilty of thinking a few hours of sleep are more valuable than an encounter with God. But man, time in His presence can truly energize and awaken us in ways that more sleep cannot. I am not anti sleep and rest. Sleep is so important mentally, physically and even spiritually (Remember Elijah? Check out 1 Kings 19 and you'll see).

I am more speaking to the times when we feel His call to wake up and we think more sleep would be better. This is what I am referring to. In this case, no, more sleep is not better!

Second, He went to a solitary place.

Jesus left His normal surroundings to find a spot where He could enjoy uninterrupted communion and fellowship with His Father. While God can absolutely meet us any time and anywhere, a solitary place allows us to enter in differently and therefore we see Him differently and commune with Him differently.

Jesus went to commune with God. He went to a place where God could have His undivided attention. I am certain those early hours with His Father enabled Him to do the ministry before Him day to day. I am certain He also simply delighted in the Father at whose right hand there is “fullness of joy and pleasures forevermore” (Psalm 16:11). This was Jesus' source of His life and ministry.

If this was Jesus' "No matter what" habit, how could it be any less for us? Why would we not rise when God calls, get up and go to a secluded place, and pray there? And why not this week? And the rest of our lives?

This truly becomes so much more than NOT hitting the snooze button. It's about saying YES to a more intimate deeper walk with our Father!

And to all my momma friends reading this in the thick of sleep deprivation and sleepless nights, I see you. More importantly, God sees you too. This isn't about legalism or extremes. It's simply about taking an intentional step toward God knowing that He promises to draw close to you too (James 4:8-10).

A tip a friend of mine shared with me recently who has 3 sweet little ones and is still up a lot at night is listening to the Bible on audible. She is going through the whole Bible this way and it has been so impactful in her life! The Lord showed her a way. Even though right now a deep dive study with pen and paper isn't as doable, she is able to make time to listen. And God is meeting her right there.

In another season, there will be a time where you are able to rise up while it's dark. When you're there, I really hope you do. I promise you will experience Him in a way that allows you to overflow His love, joy, truth and peace onto whoever you encounter the rest of the day.

You in?


I want to give you 5 practical ways to conquer the snooze button.

  1. Remember why it matters. Visualize Jesus waiting for you and longing to spend time with you.

  2. Set your alarm for a realistic time. So if you set your alarm for 6 but snooze till 6:45, consider setting your alarm for 6:35. The first goal is to break the habit of actually pushing snooze. Then you can get to setting an earlier alarm.

  3. Put your phone far away so you have to physically get up and turn it off.

  4. Go wash your face immediately after turning off your phone! Giving yourself a task after you turn off your alarm means you're less likely to crawl back to bed!

  5. Have your solitary place ready and have an idea of how you want to spend your time with God. You don't always have to know what you're going to read or pray about but I have found that when I have a flexible plan, I am more likely to show up.

Give it a try and tell me how you do in the comments! Rooting for you!

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