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Sneak Peek!

Did you hear the news that I created a mini electronic 14 day devotional to help you take the next step in stewarding your health with God, His way and for His glory? This devotional is meant to be a conversation starter between you and the Lord and it has been so wonderful hearing feedback on how it has helped!

Today on the blog I want to do something special. I am going to "paste" one of the devotionals right here for you! So, this post will be specifically regarding your health journey.

While these devotionals are not super lengthy (the full Wellness His Way book coming in 2023 will be plenty lengthy! I wanted this to be concise and a simple but effective start) they will plant a seed. If you are willing to water it through humility, prayer, meditation, and diving deeper into God's Word, it will be fruitful in your life.

Ways to take this devotional a step further is to read the whole chapter of the verse of the day. Some questions to also help you dive in deeper:

  • What does it teach me about God?

  • What does it teach me about how I am to walk with Him and live for Him?

  • What could it be warning me about when it comes to the enemy?

  • What is one step I can take today with God?

These are simple questions to help you go from simply reading to meditating, studying, and acting upon what you read.

Okay. Ready? This is day 9's devotional:

Psalm 37:4--“Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.”

In my personal wellness journey, there have been seasons where all I cared about was the goal of losing weight, reaching a specific number on the scale, or fitting into a certain clothing size. I neglected the non-scale victories and refused to see any kind of progress as meaningful if it wasn’t calculable. More often than not, the growth that matters most can’t be calculated by human standards.

When I was only goal-focused, not seeing the scale move would lead me to think I was a failure and leave me minimizing all my efforts as meaningless. I would then be vulnerable to self sabotage and extremes. Only when the goal shifted to now delighting in the Lord was I able to look past the scale and assess how I’d been growing in obedience, faithfulness, and surrender; what God cares about more.

Calculable measures have their place and are not wrong to have. However, I am speaking to the person right now that has made the calculable measures more important than God’s Word. Rather than only relying on calculable results as evidence of your progress, what if you started asking soul evaluation questions each week such as:

  • Did I run to God instead of ____?

  • Did I honor God with my body?

  • Am I closer to Jesus?

  • Did I struggle less with pleasing my flesh?

  • Did I faithfully steward the body I’ve been given?

Weight loss and inches lost are not wrong goals to set. However, if they are our only focus, we will be left with the temptation to strive when we see results or prematurely quit when we don’t. Let's aim instead to increase our delight in the Lord, building our character to be more like Christ!

Prayer: Heavenly Father, thank you for your promise to walk daily with me as I walk with you. Forgive me for my pride and choosing my way instead of trusting yours. I pray that today I would do all things with you, through your power, and for your glory. Amen.

Would you like to get this 14 day E-Devotional? You can get your copy here!

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